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Wasted Time is Not Time Wasted  ( view commercial )

This week's review was going to be a ruthless reaming of that new commercial featuring Britney Spears and Justin Whatshisname. However, as I was getting started, my wife walked by and asked a mindblowing question: "What kind of idiots waste their time reading tv commercial reviews?" Rather than take that a step further and ask myself what kind of idiot WRITES tv commerical reviews, I decided to pore through my access logs and see what there was to see.

What I found was pretty interesting. Here are the top-ten easily recognizable companies, organizations and public institutions where people waste their employers' valuable time reading my reviews:

1. Microsoft Corporation

2. Dell Computer Corporation

3. Whirlpool Corporation

4. California Dept. of Justice

5. 3Com Corporation

6. Orbital Sciences Corporation
(they make rockets and stuff)

7. The State of Virginia

8. The American Medical Association

9. The Federal Trade Commission

10. Sara Lee Corporation

With the exception of #6 above, if I worked at any of these places, I'd be surfing the web for humor on the company dime too.


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