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Lila- despises shopping, never owned a Barbie, and doesn't diet. As the sole source of tech support in her workplace, she realizes that most humans should not reproduce. Lila's idea of a perfect evening involves a T3 link and two liters of Surge. Her darkest secret: a gushing love for classical music.
Moira- just made the jump from waitressing to her first low-paying, becubicled "real" job at roommate Lila's firm. She has been dating Lazlo for three years, and is alternately thrilled, yet horrified by, the not-so-imminent prospect of settling down.
Lazlo- splits his time between deciphering the surreal moods of his girlfriend, Moira, and little sister, Lila. Lazlo's idea of a retirement plan entails a handful of lottery tickets, and much to Moira's chagrin, his idea of "culture" involves the viewing of five-legged cows.
Weedy- Lazlo's best friend since childhood, the somewhat excitable Weedy is an avowed technophobe and committed sun-worshipper who celebrates winter by trying to staple leaves back onto the trees. No, neither he nor Lazlo has ever been seen without sunglasses.
Miguel- Currently dating Lila. His apparent lack of fear has made him something of a legend among his peers, not to mention that Lila herself is beginning to find it somewhat disconcerting.
Julian- Moira's friend, long-suffering cubiclemate, and the lone bastion of calm and sanity in the office. Yes, Julian is gay. This seems to bother some people; they need to grow up.
Mr. Tumid- Moira and Lazlo's immediate superior, Mr. Tumid is legendary for having tried to send a fax by holding the paper up to the computer screen. Holds the high score for every golf game in the office computer network.
Grace- Coworker of Lila and Moira, not to mention the only one of the bunch to thus far make the leap to marriage, house and kids (Zoe.) She is realistic enough to know that she will never again wear the bikini she had in college, yet optimistic enough to still keep it in her sock drawer.
Igor- Moira's surly pet chinchilla. He and Lazlo maintain a running feud for the affection of Moira. Not sure what a chinchilla is? Click here to find out. Already a fan of Igor's? Check out the new Igor's Fun Page feature.