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Okay, here's my picture... I'm the one on the left. May I go now?

You wanna know more? I live in the Rocky Mountain region with my stunning male concubine, his two cats, and my two chinchillas. You pet owners may find this hard to believe, but everything in the house is covered with billows of animal hair.

I've been in love with comics since I can remember, starting with the ever-venerable Peanuts. Cartooning is like heroin. The pay is humiliating, free time is but a hazy memory, yet there's no quitting. I do all the writing and drawing for Ozone Patrol, and formerly illustrated Hans Bjordahl's now-defunct Cafe Angst. So how do I supplement this nasty cartooning habit? Among other unsavory pursuits, by making Web pages (this one, for instance) and illustration.

People e-mail frequently to bemoan the sad state of the comics pages, and to ask how to get their mitts on print versions of Ozone. There are no collections as of yet. The best tactic is to call the editor of your local paper and politely request it. Please refrain from threatening to kick anyone's ass. They hate that.