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-=Igor's Chinchilla Manifesto=-
  1. Thou shalt not refer to chinchillas as 'rats.'
  2. Thou shalt not wear a coat made of chinchilla. If thou dost, King Igor shall fashion himself a garment of thine idiot spawn.
  3. Thou shalt not holler "Them's good eatin'!" upon sighting the beauty and majesty of a chinchilla.
  4. Thou shalt not taunt thine patient and long-suffering rodent with hard-to-reach raisins and other treats.

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Igor's Plans for the Future:

  • Get humongous stock portfolio organized
  • Lure Moira away from pathetic, furless mate
  • Get extensive rap sheet wiped clean
  • New engine for bitchin' Camaro
  • Get around to answering accumulation of simpering love letters from Sharon Stone
  • Gorge self on raisins
  • Nap
  • Guest spot on Letterman